School Board

St Anthony’s School Board

St Anthony’s School invites members from the school and local communities to become active participants in the school in a variety of ways. The School Board is one way in which members of the community can get involved in their school’s planning and accountability.


Primarily, the Board is the financial and property managers of the school. Working in conjunction with the Principal, the following areas of school development and involvement include:

  • Pastoral Care Enrolment Publicity and Promotion
  • Building and Grounds Insurance Capital and Maintenance Plans
  • School Fees and Levies Annual Budgets

The school Principal is solely responsible for the educational program and the day to day function of the school, however, the Board may be called upon to give advice and support involving curriculum and extra curriculum activities. The Board also becomes a vital communication link between the parent community and the school.


  • Parish Priest
  • School Principal
  • 8 Ordinary members 


  • Every third Tuesday of the month

Term of initial appointment

  • Three years.
  • The Annual Board membership is ratified each April meeting at the Annual General Meeting.

2019 Membership

  • Chairperson Ros Kingston
  • Secretary Robert Anderson
  • Financial Advisor Andrew Vinson 
  • Members
    • Fr Martin Aye Ngwe  (Parish Priest)
    • Mrs Anita Cunningham (Principal)
    • Ros Kingston
    • Megan Sivills
    • Natalie Brown
    • Robert Anderson
    • Andrew Vinson