West Tamar Catholic Parish

West Tamar Parish

St Anthony’s School enjoys a close relationship with the West Tamar Parish where students and families are spiritually nourished celebrating liturgy together, supporting one another with mission stalls, fairs and car boot sales, special occasions and supporting each other pastorally. The school has a sacred space for small group prayer/reflection featuring a stain glass window amongst the beauty of animals and plantation.

Parish Priest

Fr Martin Aye Ngwe
West Tamar Parish

1 Butler Avenue, Riverside, 7250

Telephone: 6327 3971
Fax: 6327 2750
Email: westtamar@aohtas.org.au 

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Mass Times

Riverside: St Francis of Assisi Church
104 Pomona Road, Riverside

  • 6.00pm Saturday
  • 9.00am Sunday
  • 9.00am Mon - Fri

Beaconsfield: St Franics Xavier Church
190 Weld Street, Beaconsfield

  • 11.00am 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the Month
  • 12.00noon 1st Friday of the Month

Glengarry: St Canice Church
Glengarry Road, Glengarry

  • 11.00am 2nd and 4th Sundays of the Month