Staff for 2018

Kids know how much you care.

It really is a big thing when the delicate growth of your child is at work - it’s why our teachers are so important to us.

We don't just provide an exceptional education for our students, we nurture their spiritual and personal learning experience and well-being, forming the foundations to build active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts.

Our teachers know how you learn is just as important as what you learn.



Classroom Teacher

I model, teach and practice the skills of thinking critically, problem-solving, communicating effectively and independence. I believe that students in the 21st Century need to be equipped with these skills so they have the best chance of success in their chosen career.

Leadership Team

  • Principal Mrs Anita Cunningham
  • Assistant to the Principal Teaching & Learning Angie Burnell
  • Assistant to the Principal Religious Education Lauren Bartush
  • Special Learning Needs Lisa Watson

Classroom Teachers

  • Kindergarten Tia McGillvery (Tues/Wed/Fri)
  • Kinder Assistants Mrs Nikki Quill and Ms Allison Davis (Tues/Wed/Fri)
  • Preparatory Ms Maria Deane
  • Grade 1 Mrs Angie Burnell (Mon - Thurs) and Mrs Belinda Perry (Fri) 
  • Grade 2  Mrs Helen Bingley (Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri) and Mrs Lauren Bartush (Fri)
  • Grade 3  Mrs Bianca de Deuge
  • Grade 4 Ms Vanessa Prosser and Mrs Lisa Watson (Fri)
  • Grade 5 Mr Andrew McCausland
  • Grade 6 Mr Jason Perry
  • Music – K, P, Grades 1, 2, 3, and Choir Mrs Helen Antel (Tuesday)
  • Physical Education Mr Nick Stacey (Tues/Thur)
  • IT (Information Technology) Mr Andrew McCausland
  • Languages (Japanese) Mrs Kayla Lockett
  • Special Needs Co-ordinator/Learning Support Mrs Lisa Watson

Teacher Assistants

  • ICT Assistant/Teacher Assistant Mr Bob McLoughlin
  • Mrs Raelee Volant
  • Ms Rebecca Killworth
  • Mrs Donna Furfaro
  • Teacher Assistant/Librarian Ms Monica Roberts
  • Office Manager Mr Matt James
  • Office Assistant Mrs Ruth Symons
  • Principal's Secretary Mrs Nicole Cullen
  • Utility Officer/Cleaner Mr Luke van Tienen