St Anthony's 10 Year Celebration

On Friday, 28th October, 2012 we celebrated our school being on our current site for 10 years. We held an Assembly and a Liturgy to mark this special occasion, students were treated to a barbecue lunch and were presented with a purple wrist band to remember the celebration.

We were blessed to have so many past principals, teachers, board members, students and parents attend and we thank them for coming along to join in our celebrations. A special thank you to Mrs Carmel Baumgartner and Miss Bridget Sexton for their wonderful speeches.

We also thank all of those who helped in the lead up to the day, Mrs Ruth Symons, Father Allan Hartcher, Mrs Helen Bingley, Mrs Carmel Baumgartner, Mrs Elke Hill (and her team of wonderful helpers) and Mr Mark Workman.

10 year celebration staff

Our Peace Kites made to mark the 10 Year Anniversary to remember the Blessing of the Land Ceremony on 29th October 2001 where the students made and flew Peace Kites on the new school site.

Kite flying