School Profile

St Anthony’s is a small school, with big hearts.
New modern facilities, large play areas and open spaces.
Freedom to learn and grow.




Our students arrive to school bursting with anticipation about the exciting things they will accomplish each day. It’s that love of learning that will leave a lasting imprint on each and every child who walks out of our doors. I am so fortunate to work at this wonderful school.

St. Anthony’s Catholic School Riverside, a co-educational single-stream Catholic School (K-6), serves the people of the Franciscan Parish of the West Tamar region, 4km north of Launceston in the Tamar Valley.

We are a small, welcoming school with a positive atmosphere, demonstrated in our encouragement and affirmation of each child. The School Motto “Christ Our Life” speaks to us of living every day in the footsteps of Christ, joined to Him in community, in prayer and in the actions of daily life.

Established in 1959, St Anthony’s Catholic School is proud of its spiritual connections with the Franciscan Friars, the Presentation Sisters and the Poor Clare Sisters. In 2002, St Anthony’s relocated to a new green field site overlooking the Tamar River. The new school was built with compact and integrated classrooms clustered around a courtyard with covered walkways and shade sails. Extensive playing fields stretch beyond the courtyard providing ample opportunity for both formal and informal games. St Anthony’s celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008.

In 2009, a $1.8M Federal Government grant was used to build a music/arts centre, new classroom, extensions and refurbishment of all existing classrooms, plexi-paved basketball, netball, hard court play surface and an all-weatherproof, protective roof over the two adventure playgrounds.

Further to this, between 2008-2012 the school prioritised budgeting and acquired systemic and community grants to establish a sustainability garden/ orchard learning environment, manicured football, soccer and cricket playing fields and a large environmental kindergarten yard to enhance the outdoor learning program.

The school services families residing in the West Tamar community.