Parents and Friends

Role of the Parents And Friends’ Association

The Parents and Friends’ Association is a formal organisation within the school community that both supports the functioning of the school and represents parental interests. Each parent of the school is automatically a member of the Association and is therefore invited and encouraged to attend the meetings. The Association enables parents and others to enrich their school community by:

  • Providing a medium for information-sharing and encouragement of the participation of parents in their children’s schooling; and
  • Developing and nurturing maximum cooperation between parents, the school administration, the Board and the school staff.

Each year the P&F Association also organises fundraisers to raise additional funds for the purchase of resources for the school. Recent examples of resources purchased by the P&F are I.T. equipment, play and sporting equipment, and landscaping supplies to name a few. Bi-annually the main fundraiser for the school is the School Fair, and in non-Fair years each class is responsible for organising a Fundraiser.

Each class requires a representative/s that acts as the liaison between the parents of the class and the Parents and Friends Association, in relation to social and fundraising events as well as for the planning and organisation of events associated with the sporting, cultural and educational life of the school.

The P&F Association General Meetings are held each month at 7:30pm in the school library, agendas and dates can be found in the Bulletin box near the school office. As well as achieving the objectives of the Association, it is also a great way to get to know other parents in a warm and relaxed environment. New faces are always encouraged and welcomed.