Enrolment, Fees and Levies

Applications for enrolment must be accompanied by a copy of the child's Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate (if applicable), Immunisation Record and most recent School Report (if transferring from another school).

Once completed, the enrolment form can be delivered to us in any of the following ways:

In person:

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School
382A West Tamar Road
Riverside, TAS. 7250

Via Mail:

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School
382A West Tamar Road
Riverside, TAS. 7250

Via email attachment:


The St Anthony’s School Board is responsible for the financial and property management of the school. Each year the Board determines a school fee structure appropriate to budgetary needs. It is the income from School Fees that allows our school to be different, giving us the flexibility to offer students opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. In order for St Anthony’s to educate each child effectively, offering quality programs and resources for staff, the payment of school fees is vital.

No. children in family at St. A’sPer MonthPer YearDiscount Per YearPer Month
1 $181.60 $1816.00 $181.60
2 $363.20 $3632.00 $363.20
3 $544.80 $5448.00  $4903.20 $490.32
4 $726.40 $7264.00  $5811.20 $581.12
5 $908.00 $9080.00 $6356.00 $635.60

Capital Fund Levy - $230.00 per annum ($23.00 per month for 10 months)

Kindergarten Fees - $1816.00 per year / $181.60 per month

** PLEASE NOTE: The above annual fees do not include the School Camp levy (which is $170 for Gr 5 and Gr 6),  Gr 6 T-Shirts (which is $30.00) and the Gr 6 Leaver's dinner (which is $37.00).  These will be included on the invoice issued at the beginning of the year and can be paid for in the 10 month instalments if required.

FEE REDUCTION/ assistance is available on confidential application. School policy is that no child will be denied a Catholic Education due to family financial hardship.