St Anthony’s school is situated at 382a West Tamar Road, Riverside.

Our school is one stream (one class per grade) from Kindergarten to grade 6.  CatholicCare provides an onsite Early Learning Centre for 3-5 year olds.  Out of Hours School Care is also available.

Set on over 10 acres of lush green fields overlooking the Tamar River, students enjoy the comforts of modern facilities (built 2002) and 21st century technology in generous learning spaces and spacious playing grounds catering for all student interests.

There is one learning block, built with compact and integrated classrooms clustered around a courtyard with covered ways and shade sails. There are 8 classrooms all with extension workrooms and individual courtyard, Library, multi-purpose room for art and cooking, a music room, hall including a Sacred Space for small prayer groups. The hall is multi functional transforming regularly into an assembly area, activities for physical education and for prayer and liturgy. These learning spaces create an engaging, flexible and adaptable learning environment for all students to learn in a variety of ways.

Outdoor facilities include plexi-paved basketball, netball, hard court play surface and an all weather proof protective roofing over two large adventure playgrounds. A sustainability garden/ orchard learning environment, manicured football, soccer and cricket playing fields, bush play area and a large separate environmental kindergarten yard  enhance the outdoor learning program.

Our school is well resourced with Information Technology including 1:1 Ipads for students in grade 3-6 (family purchased), class set of lap tops and Ipads for Early Childhood classes.

The school also offers a canteen and uniform shop facility.

Ample parking facilities for parents include a smooth running student pick up area for after school, early morning drop off area (One minute Kiss and Go!) and school buses are available to conveniently pick up and drop off students, right at the school doorstep.

We are proud of our facilities, believing they offer something unique to our students and families.