Community Participation and Christian Outreach

Mission Stall – St Francis Church

In 2011 we introduced class involvement in the Parish Mission Stall. Each term different classes prepare items to sell at the Mission Stall at St Francis Church. Stalls are manned by students, teachers and parents from our school community. Money raised from the stall is sent to assist the Missions in East Timor, Africa or other identified areas of need. Students enjoy preparing a range of items for the stall and enjoy their involvement in this fundraiser.

Mini Vinnies

In 2011 we introduced a leadership group called the Mini Vinnies. The role of this student group is to ‘serve’ and act as mini St Vincent de Paul workers in our school. Throughout the year they help to coordinate and promote our annual charitable fundraisers: Project Compassion and Good Samaritan Fund, plus a Grocery Drive for Christmas, to aid St Vincent de Paul. Students have enjoyed ‘serving’ our school community and already students are eager to join this group each year.

School/Parish Mass

Staff and students interact with our local parish, St. Francis, through the Sacrament program and class-based Parish Mass support. Children with musical talents were invited to play at Parish/School Sunday Masses in Term 1 and 3.

Parent Participation

Parents are invited via the school newsletter and class newsletters to attend class and whole school liturgies, Masses and celebrations. Parents were kept informed of developments within the Religious Education curriculum through articles in the newsletter, which explain staff professional development and initiatives in the RE curriculum. Parents of children making their Sacraments are also involved in the Sacramental Program through the parish.

Staff Spirituality

Time is set aside each week for staff prayer. Different staff members take it in turn to lead their peers in prayer. This helps to foster our sense of community amongst our staff and encourage leadership. Staff are also provided with opportunities to nurture their spirituality by participating in retreats, conferences and courses.